#Snowmageddon in Seattle - Day #4 Thoughts

Sketches of King Street Station, Seattle Tower, and Old Tacoma City Hall

Sketches of King Street Station, Seattle Tower, and Old Tacoma City Hall

This morning I woke up seeing that I had another snow day from work and school. It’s been an odd feeling of getting all this time off now that I work on a school calendar. It’s been incredibly nice having freetime to indulge in some of my hobbies, get some homework done, and do some chores around the house.

However, I’m the kind of person that gets super antsy when my schedule gets disrupted. Ever since last summer, I have spent nearly 5-6 days a week in Seattle walking 5-10 miles a day and marveling at the incredible architecture that I see. Being stuck at home has given me a whole new appreciation of the amazing cityscapes that I get to see everyday.

I generally start my days at King Street Station or the UW Disrict. Walking through downtown is always my favorite, and I always try to make an effort to stop by Pike Place. I love grabbing a small batch of fresh cherry tomatoes and a vegan muffin from the small shops! I try to find older buildings like the Seattle Tower and learn about their history. Did you know the Seattle Tower is 27 stories tall? No where close to the Columbia Tower which is 76 stories tall.

Since my art show that was supposed to happen on Saturday got postponed, I now have more time to put together a larger gallery. I have been wanting to get better at architecture and urban sketching. It’s been one art form that I have been incredibly appreciative of, and something that I’ve never been all that great at. I have been spending many hours on my commute watching videos on Blueprint and Skillshare to learn new techniques and gain new inspiration. You can use my referral links to receive a free month!
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This was my first time being completely satisfied with my drawings when it comes to buildings and architecture.

Anyways, I am going to try and bring you more content on my blog. I’m pretty bad at keeping it consistent, but I’m going to make an honest effort.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a snow day? Comment below!

Left to right: 
- King Street Station view from the Sounder train
- Seattle Tower
- Old City Hall Tacoma

Catch you next time!

#BodyPositivity Series - Start of a Project

This project has exploded! I have received so many positive reviews of my 15-20 minute figure drawing sketches (view past blog here), that I decided to make some bigger drawings to add to my store. 


Here's a little peep into my studio space that I have been working on. I'll do a studio tour video eventually... I want to add a few shelves and a couple (or a thousand) plants. So, I am now doing the figure drawings on 18x24 charcoal paper, and even picked up a couple nicer pieces of charcoal. I am having such a great time exploring how to use this medium to reflect the human form. I also made a few timelapse videos to capture my progress for each one, check them out below! I will also be livestreaming this process on my Twitch and Youtube, make sure to follow and subscribe! These images will be available in my shop soon, and will be a part of my BodyPositivity Collection.