#BodyPositivity Series - Start of a Project

This project has exploded! I have received so many positive reviews of my 15-20 minute figure drawing sketches (view past blog here), that I decided to make some bigger drawings to add to my store. 


Here's a little peep into my studio space that I have been working on. I'll do a studio tour video eventually... I want to add a few shelves and a couple (or a thousand) plants. So, I am now doing the figure drawings on 18x24 charcoal paper, and even picked up a couple nicer pieces of charcoal. I am having such a great time exploring how to use this medium to reflect the human form. I also made a few timelapse videos to capture my progress for each one, check them out below! I will also be livestreaming this process on my Twitch and Youtube, make sure to follow and subscribe! These images will be available in my shop soon, and will be a part of my BodyPositivity Collection.